Saturday, September 1, 2007

Unscheduled Days Off Really Suck

I’m not a running fanatic really. But when you’ve organized your schedule, blocked off the allotted time, charged the GPS, checked the weather (68° with no humidity, perfect!), woke up early to hit the john, got breakfast, prepped the ipod, and then suddenly realize that your left knee is not feeling quite right and it’s a bit swollen, oh that ticks me off. The worse part is, I have no idea how it got that way in the first place. I had no pain on my tempo run on Thursday, and took yesterday completely off, so how did it happen? And the more I rubbed on it, the more it started to hurt and so in a span of a few minutes, it went from a barely noticeable twitch to this searing pain right behind my kneecap that’s now hurting so much I have to limp to walk across the apartment. Well, there goes the idea of just limping to the park and testing it out. Yeah, that would not have been smart.

And so that’s how it came to be that I missed my run today and I’m ranting about unscheduled days off. Luckily the plan this weekend only called for an easy 12-miler. (Although secretly, I had aspirations of stretching it out to 18 if the wheels were still clickin’ at the end of 12.) Hopefully, this latest mysterious ailment is just an apparition and I’ll wake up tomorrow morning feeling fine and ready for a makeup run. How I’ll find another three-hour time slot to fit that run in between work, errands, and dinner plans with a friend, will be an entirely different matter.


aham23 said...

i hate when the body will not cooperate with the schedule. :( feel better. later.

Tom said...

I think we all have moments when we want to be elite--glad you shared yours.

What a great response to go to the park for a run and then to use your I am an elite mantra.

Thanks for the great post!

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