Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Midsummer Review

When you’re a sports enthusiast like me, everything resolves around baseball during the summer months. So just as all 30 teams let out a collective sigh of relief from the Midsummer Classic that almost became a Midsummer Debacle and about to kick off the second half of the season, I thought it was an apt time to review the progress I’ve made on the running goals I set for 2008 way back in January.

Okay, I must admit that the motivation to engage in this mental exercise was not my own, but rather was inspired by a new blogging friend, Mizfit, who posted an excellent video post earlier in the week on why we should all take time to revisit and track the status of our goals. (If you still haven’t seen it yet, what are you still doing here? Please go NOW!)

As you’re searching the deepest corners of the attic for that piece of paper where you jotted down your resolutions (you DID write them down, didn’t you?) or consciously misremembering what you planned to do this year, let me dig up my own New Year’s Running Resolutions post from way back when and review for you all how I’m doing on those. For each goal, I’m grading myself on a 1-10 scale on the likelihood it’ll get done by the end of the year. This should be interesting!

Midsummer Review on Running Resolutions for 2008
Goal 1: Run 3 Marathons in 2008.
Progress: None yet; Running SFM in August and NYCM in November.
Grade: 1 (in other words…not gonna happen!)
Comment: Was gonna happen until I broke a bone on the slopes two days after the post! Sucks!

Goal 2: Log at least 1333 miles for 2008.
Progress: 694.5 miles (after tonight’s run)
Grade: 7 (in other words…pretty likely!)
Comment: Considering I had 2 months off, and is more than halfway there, I’m pretty much on target for this one. Thank God I didn’t follow somebody’s advice and pick 1933…

Goal 3: Establish PRs in at least 3 distances.
Progress: 4 (4 Mile, 5 Mile, 10K (twice!) , half-marathon)
Grade: 10 (Completed, yeah!)
Comment: Was going to give myself a 12 grade (+2 for extra credit) but really, that would be bragging =)

Goal 4: Run in 3 road races outside of New York.
Progress: 1 (NJ Half); will be 2 after SFM.
Grade: 6 (in other words…get planning!)
Comment: Should really be doing so much better in this category because I really like running outside of NYC. I need to find a good fall race in Connecticut. Get cracking!

Goal 5: Participate in 3 road races that I’ve never ran before.
Progress: 1.5 (Need For Speed relay, NJ Half)
Grade: 4 (in other words…iffy!)
Comment: I’m scoring a half progress point for the NJ Half, and same for the SFM because I think it’s half-cheating if I’m including the same race for 2 separate categories. So if I want to be real about this, need to get cracking on this too!

Goal 6: Run a road race with 3 new people.
Progress: 3 (NY Flyers!)
Grade: 10 (Completed, yeah!)
Comment: I know I’m being a little cheap, but joining a running club is a big deal for someone who has always run solo. So yeah, I’m going to take some kudos for this one.

Goal 7: Coach 3 new runners to run well in their distance events.
Progress: 1.5
Grade: 6 (in other words…somewhat likely to happen)
Comment: I’m the official coach for one, while a couple other newbies have asked me to devise a marathon training schedule for them. I think at least one of them will come around to asking me to coach. May need to actively recruit one more though for my third…

Goal 8: Run a marathon in under 3:05.
Progress: TBD
Grade: 6 (in other words…somewhat likely to happen)
Comment: I have two cracks at this one, and both McMillian and Runner’s World calculators have me running sub 3:03 based on my half-marathon and my 10K finishes, so it’s a reach, but not a far reach, I think.

Total Score: 50 Points Out of 80 Possible
Assessment: Wow, a passing grade. Not so bad. I have a few things to work out in the second half, but all except one goal is still within reach. Cool. I’m inspired again!

(BTW, my team, the NY Mets won again tonight; their 10th win in a row! Woohoo! I'm hoping this win to start off the second half will be good karma for me and my running!)


Anonymous said...

Great midsummer review. If you're looking to do a low-key, fun, flat marathon in December, may I suggest the CIM (California International Marathon)?

I'll be running and it's my hometown. I'd love to see/race with you!

MizFit said...

THANKS for the shout out----I appreciate it as when Im filing in the wee hours in my kitchen I oft wonder who is gonna watch :)

nwgdc said...

I heard Shea Stadium called the "3-D" stadium this week. Dark, Damp, and Dreary. Bring on Citi Field!

I've been meaning to look back at my running goals also, but I may have fallen behind since the Tick Encounter. You're doing great with your goals...find one more marathon, too! You can do it!

The Happy Runner said...

Fantastic progress toward your goals. You and MizFit have inspired me to check back in with myself. So, thanks and good luck reaching your goals.

And, BTW, that game last night was pretty wild! I'm a Yankees fan (sorry!) but do follow the Mets a bit because I'm an overall baseball fan. :-)

*aron* said...

those are awesome goals and you are doing great!

i am running SFM too - its my first marathon!!

Viper said...

Looking good!

I've only sniffed two of my goals, but fallen short, while two others are TBD until fall and beyond.

Solidarity on a hopeful second half of the baseball season. At least your team isn't 13 games back. Cheers.

Nitmos said...

The nice thing about goals is they come with an eraser. Turn that 50 to an 80 with a simple strokes of the pen!

sRod said...

Look at you being an over-achiever.

Might I add that we technically ran the Kidney 10K together. Although I didn't see you until afterward I wouldn't have run it if you didn't suggest it.

Meg said...

1) 10 game streak! Tied for first! Amazin!
2) Re: Nic's comment: I actually like Shea. Personally, I enjoy the dark hallways, Just for Men commercials, and neon baseball player silhouettes on the outside. And Shea has so much more history as a name than CitiField.

The Laminator said...

As always, thanks for the comments.

Heather - CIM sounds like a great marathon. I'll need a break after new york though so I'm probably going to take december off before preparing for Boston '09.

Mizfit - No thank you...for the motivation.

nwgdc - Shea may be's still home to us crazy Mets fans!

The Happy Runner - My brother's a crazy Yanks fan so I follow the 'other' local team somewhat too!

aron - Thanks for dropping by. Good luck in SFM!

Viper - Good luck on the rest of your goals. If you fall behind, make up new ones...

Nitmos - I agree. Although if this year were last year, I'd need a whole pack of erasers!

sRod - I know I convinced you to do that 10K. Now you need to convince me to come with you on a trip out of the state so I can complete one of my out-of-state roadrace goals.

Meg - I totally agree. I grew up with Shea so I'm sad to see it go, even though the new facility does look sweet.

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