Monday, April 6, 2009

Boston Marathon Training Update - Week 15

Taper week #1 was quite eventful for me as I had to skip a speed workout early in the week because my left Achilles’ felt extremely tight after the last long run and I had surgery late in the week. What, you didn’t know I was having surgery last week? Well, neither did I. When I went to the dentist for a mild toothache last Wednesday, I was told that I really bad infections in a couple of teeth that I had previous work done. As a result, I found myself getting oral surgery under general anesthesia the very next day. Let me tell you, it wasn’t very pleasant, and the sedatives made me looney and nauseous for twenty four hours after, but it got gone. Thankfully, so did most of my miles planned for this week…

Week #15 (3/30-4/5)

What I Planned:
Speed Interval Workout: 8 total miles with 4 x 1 mile at 5:51 pace
Recovery Run: 6 miles at easy pace
Marathon Paced Run: 12 miles at 6:52 pace
Weekend Long Run: 16 miles at long run pace
Total week 15 distance planned: 42 miles

What I Ran:
Wed – GA Treadmill Run: 6.2 miles at 6:52 pace
Fri – Marathon Paced Run: 12.2 miles at 6:48 pace
Fri – Cooldown Jog: 1.0 mile at 7:31 pace
Sun – Weekend Long Run: 16.2 miles at 7:18 pace
Total week 15 distance: 35.6 miles; avg pace – 7:04 min/mi

How I Ran:
After resting, icing, and stretching my sore left Achilles’ on Monday and Tuesday, I got back to the swing of things on Wednesday. As I’ve mentioned before, I wanted to get in a longer run that day, but since I left work much later than I wanted and found the city in the midst of a thunderstorm, I scratched my plans and did some steady miles on the treadmill instead. I had surgery on Thursday afternoon, which killed any chances for a decent workout that day (since I had to be NPO for six to eight hours prior to the procedure). It rained again the whole day on Friday, threatening my last marathon paced workout. Luckily, in between the pitter-patters, there was a two hour break in the late afternoon where I was able to squeeze in my run. I was so thankful for the fortunate turn of events that even though the effort was hard and the breathing a bit labored due to the warm temps (high 50’s) and high humidity (93%), I didn’t dare complain or draw comparisons to previous workouts done at this pace. I got my miles in, met my goal, didn’t get injured, and allowed myself just to be content with that.

Sunday, on the best weather day of the week, I visited my folks in Whitestone Queens and took my running shoes with me. Because I wanted to enjoy this last long(ish) run without getting too worked up about pacing, I chose a calm, lakeshore trail with some tack-on miles in Long Island for my purposes. This was my first time running so far into the neighborhood so it was more than a bit exciting. Besides the massive hills that greeted me at the beginning and end of my adventures, I enjoyed very bit of the 16 miles I did yesterday. Not only was the weather picture-perfect and lots of families were out picnicking and barbecuing by the trail where I was running, but almost every runner I passed by either had a wave, a nod, or a smile for me. The highlight of my run came when I ran through a section of Little Neck, Long Island and while meandering, found myself at the head of an avenue that was aptly named “Marathon Parkway”. I was tickled senseless by this discovery that I spent a couple of miles just running back and forth on this long secluded highway. To anyone who saw me running there, I must have looked like a complete freak! Needless to say, it was a beautiful and glorious run for me, and I’m sure I’ll be back (with a camera this time) to pay my respects when I’m done with Boston.

Unfortunately, my giddiness was tempered somewhat when I woke up this morning coughing and sneezing. Yes, although I would love to say it ain’t so, it seems like the taper cold has struck again. Apparently, even doctors are not immune.

Have a great week, everyone.


X-Country2 said...

Ooh, not a cold! Get well soon.

Vava said...

Yikes - hope that cold goes through you fast. Don't need to tell a doctor what to do as I'm sure you know what works for you, but my two cents on colds is get as much sleep as possible that first 24 hours and avoid cold meds. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better. At least there is plenty of time to rid the cold.

aron said...

stupid taper cold, at least you have 2 weeks to get rid of it!

Susan said...

Yikes, oral surgery! I'm am not a fan of anything dentist/tooth-related, so you have my deepest sympathies!

I hope the cold go away fast!

Running and living said...

A rather eventful week, and you still managed to run over 35 miles! Impressive! Glad the Achilles is better, and I am sure the cold will dissapear in a day or so! Take care, Ana-Maria

Anonymous said...

recover quickly! You've got this race!

Spike said...

glad the rain held off long enough for you to get in that run, but sorry to hear you have a bit of a cough. Don't worry, plenty of time to get all better before Boston!

lindsay said...

hope the cold passes quickly. dentist work - yuck! awesome that you still had good runs though. good thing it's taper time so you didn't really miss anything.

Run For Life said...

How cool is that?! I probably would have run on that road a few times, too. Take care of that pesky cold.

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