Thursday, July 9, 2009

HELP! Still Stuck In (Virtual) Solitary Confinement

Okay folks, It’s been a week, a full week, since I’ve moved into my new crib, and there’s still no sign of the cable guy. Rumor has it that he won’t be coming around my building until this weekend at the earliest (and that’s only after I yelled and screamed and threatened to switch cable companies if they didn’t come by sooner than the end of the month!) Needless to say, I’ve been feeling a bit loony, a bit sad and very “emotionally labile” (as one friend put it kindly when I called her late at night earlier this week). It’s funny that she used that term on me because that’s usually the pithy label I use to describe friends who, on occasion, will act contrary to their normal behavior. In other words, it’s her backhanded way of telling me that she knows that calling “just to chat” is way out of character for me. Ouch! Geez, thanks. Why don’t you pour more salt into that gaping wound? We shared a good laugh, but I seriously doubt she knows what it’s like to live without TV/internet for a week. From my vantage point it’s akin to living in solitary confinement, except that the eating, sleeping, and bathroom facilities are a little nicer.

Speaking of solitary confinement, I went out on another exploratory run last night in Flushing Meadows Park to seek out more members of the endangered species known as the running man or woman. I ran a bit off the normal track and found a beautiful 3 mile semi-paved trail around a quiet lake. Although I finally spotted some runners sporadically circling the lake in the opposite direction, they were few and far in between. The trails were inhabited by many more dog walkers and baby strollers than runners and I felt way more self-conscious veering off the path to avoid them than they did in doing absolutely nothing to avoid me. It is a bit ironic that after fighting for space in the rec lanes of Central Park for so long that I suddenly find myself in an environment where running is the exception rather than the rule. It’s a bit ridiculous that my heart rate actually quickened by a few beats last night at the sight of another runner. Really? Seriously? I never thought I’d be THAT guy again. Anyway, the run was pretty nice and I finished it up by running to the footsteps of the USTA National Tennis Center and CitiField. (Yes, I know I have to post pictures when I get back on-line…) Let’s hope the cable guy doesn’t flake out on our appointment this time. Have a good weekend all!

Running Recap
Distance - 6.88 miles, Time - 50:04, Average Pace - 7:16 min/mi
In Passing –
  • Bikes (18)
  • Strollers(12)
  • Dogs (10)
  • Soccer Games (7)
  • Volleyball Games (2)
  • Baseball Games (1)

  • And –
  • Runners (8)

    B.o.B. said...

    Aw Lam! I hope you get your cable soon. I feel for you, I really do.

    It's nice to run without gobs of other runners sometimes. You'll find more.

    aron said...

    ahhhh i would be going crazy too!! i hope he comes soon! i am glad you got online today though to comment - thank you :)

    glad you saw some other runners! i like seeing doggies :)

    The Happy Runner said...

    You could do what I did when I moved and the cable (which is also the phone) company told me they couldn't hook us up for two weeks: Cry.

    OK, not really. I just told them that I had an infant (true) and that not having a phone for two weeks would put us in danger in case of an emergency. Maybe you could say that, as a doctor, you need to be super reachable?

    runner26 said...

    waiting for the cable is awful! hope it comes soon! at least you have running to keep you busy (along with keeping statistics on your runs ;))

    Michelle said...

    I am beginning to agree with you here that going sans internet/TV is not a very good thing. I find the internet to be a way of connecting. With that said, there are times when I slam shut my Mac Book and just read or listen to music. :O)

    NIce run - get that running group going!!!

    Jamie said...

    that stinks! I would be going nuts!!! I hope the cable guy comes soon and is nothing like Jim Carrey's character ;)

    Robert said...

    I've gone for long stretches of time without internet/cable (intentionally) and have found it to be quite liberating. I unfortunately can no longer cut the internet now (because of my profession) but I've been seriously considering turning off the cable again. My advice is to enjoy the quiet, pick up a good book, and remember how nice it is to pass time the old-fashioned way.

    Susan said...

    Eight runners isn't too bad! Any people with running strollers? Now THAT will get you going, especially if they're speedy moms!

    I would miss my internet if it were gone...A LOT. And I think google reader would explode.

    Spike said...

    Lam, you will get internet soon! for now, enjoy discovering the new routes and fun places to run.

    lindsay said...

    lol i really like the running count going on.

    that really sucks about your internet dude. i would be dead by now i'm sure. ok maybe not, i did go a year without it at my house. not long ago... (i know right!)

    hang in there. maybe you can infect some of those alien, non-running species with the itch to run.

    Irish Cream said...

    I swear, to me that is the worst part about moving--waiting to get the internet set up! I don't mind moving tons and tons of crap or living out of boxes, but being without internet leaves me unable to function! I hope the cable guy comes and saves you soon!! :)

    J said...

    Ahh life without cable can be hard! Glad you are getting some runs in in the new area. Must be fun exploring!

    RunShorts said...

    As a self described TV-addicted running scientist your blog struck a chord with me. Just wanted to say that I've reading enjoyed your posts.

    Running and living said...

    Wow! I was away sans internet for 2 days and was going out of my mind. Hope the cable guy shows up soon. Have fund discovering new running routes. That's one fun thing about moving! Ana-Maria

    joyRuN said...


    Three days since your last post. Does this mean you got cable over the weekend & have been watching TV nonstop since to make up for the imposed isolation?

    Glad you found a nice trail to run around - hope you find more runners to go with the trail too :)

    X-Country2 said...

    I'd lose my mind with no cable. I'm like DirectTV junkie.

    Marathon Maritza said...

    Ugh I hope you get cable/internet soon, that sucks! :(

    I get so excited when I'm running in a new place and see other runners! I wish we had a universal, runner's salute or something. I'd be all over that. Keep us updated on all your new running adventures!

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