Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Digging Out Of A Hole, Part II

Well, yes, it’s been another little while since I’ve provided an update for all you fine running folks. Unfortunately, it’s the same old song with the same old refrain from me. I’m physically getting better, recovering from my sickness. The cough is still there although much rarer now then it used to be. I am not really complaining even if my inopportune coughing spells at times make me look more like a homeless guy with a nicotine addiction than a marathoner in training. Either that or everyone in my apartment building thinks I have the swine flu because they all give me strange looks whenever I let out a slight cough in the elevators. So even though I look fine and feel fine, everyone else around me these days are acting like I’m a bigger menace to society than the Taliban! What gives?

As for my running, well, there is some good news and bad news. The good news is that I successfully completed my 4th 20+ mile run of the training cycle this past weekend on my way to a whopping 60.4 miles for the week (my highest total ever so far!) The bad news is that my speed game is still nowhere to be found. It’s been three weeks since I’ve experienced any semblance of quickness and efficiency on my runs. It’s so sad that I’m considering posting up an MIA sign for my speedy legs on my refrigerator door and refusing to take it down until I have documented evidence that the faster version of my lower extremities has returned to me. In the meantime, I’m practicing patience and diligence in putting in the miles day after day, slow, slower, or medium-fast as they might be, and having faith that the running gods will notice my steady work ethic soon and grant me back my old speed and form from a month ago. Well, that’s the game plan for now. However, if I fail my next big test (in the form of not making a certain time in a half-marathon this weekend in my own backyard essentially), I reserve the right to blow up this whole “run more miles, run slower miles” training plan that I am on now and revert back to a version of my old “quality over quantity” philosophy of training that I’ve used somewhat successfully in the past. For the record, I don’t like changing things in the middle of marathon training, but I feel if my legs aren’t responding to the heavier mileage plan, I need to be proactive and make changes to the plan in order to improve my chances of scoring a two-minute PR at the NYC marathon.

Truth be told, I’m seriously hoping it won’t come to that because I am starting to like the high mileage training. In other words, Lungs-please, no more coughing, and Legs-please do your thing at the Queens Half. Got it? Good! While we anxiously await the results of that battle, here’s my latest updated “grid” for your observations, comments, and review.

Seven weeks left to race day and counting! We’re getting close to crunch time!


Morgan said...

Come on lungs!!! Lam needs to stick with the gazelle pack!!!!

Anonymous said...

way to get that 20 in with your lungs less than 100%. but i'm sending some good vibes your way for your legs to get their act together!

B.o.B. said...

Patience is so hard during training. I really think you'll get your speed and lungs back soon. You are strong.

BTW, swine flu has made everyone crazy hasn't it?

X-Country2 said...

Hang in there. The running gods are taking notes.

Running and living said...

Good luck with the 1/2 marathon. 60+ miles/week, wow, amazing. I did 44 last week and am thrilled. I have to say, the high mileage, low speed programs are so tough for me. My brain gets high on speed...everyone is different, I guess. Have a great running week! Ana-Maria

Jamie said...

I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. The lingering cough is the absolute worst. hang in there, it will all come back to you once the cold decides to take a hike.

congrats on your highest mileage week! so exciting!

lindsay said...

dude feel better already!

if you do end up switching back to your old training method, at least you've learned what really works for you. i don't think there is anything wrong with either method, as long as it works. i'm a little frustrated (to say the least) with my nyc training plan but i'm gonna give it the old college try and finish it out. that's not saying that i'm looking down on you for possibly switching mid-training, i promise.

anyway, feel better. i can't come in 30 minutes behind a guy who was sick the entire training period, wouldn't do much for my confidence :)

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