Friday, July 16, 2010

The Decision and Friday Survey #2

After meticulous calculation and careful analysis of all the votes, the results from Survey #1 are IN. Thanks to everyone who participated and played along. Yes runners, we too have made our DECISION.

But before we announce where WE’RE HEADED with this, let me take a minute to explain the PROCESS by we came to our decision. There were three possible candidates – the nod, the wave, and the verbal communication. There were a total of 25 ballots casted. For those voters who declared a distinct preference, one full point was given in favor of the candidate. For those who declared no preference between two options, a half point was given to each. For those who stated they would perform two actions simultaneously, (a wave and a “Hi” for example) I gave a full point to each candidate. Finally, for those who couldn’t decide between any of the three choices, I gave a third of a point to all three camps and called it a day.

So if my math is correct, the final tally looks like this:

The Head Nod – 8.5 points
The Hand/Finger Wave – 14.5 points
The Hi/Good Morning – 6 points

The DECISION then is that the Hand/Finger Wave is runner approved as the most appropriate gesture to use when approaching a fellow runner! How fascinating! In fact, it is preferred as much as the other options combined. In hindsight, this seems to make sense because verbal cues requires more energy expenditure and the head nod is at times too subtle to be noticed. Besides, we can use either hand to direct our waves to either side,which in a certain way seems friendlier than a random bobbing of the head or a general verbal greeting. Very cool. See, we all learned something!

While we’re on the subject of hands gestures while running, do any of you ever find yourself doing something peculiar in the middle of a run in private that would be totally inappropriate/funny to a general audience or even to yourself when you’re not running? For me, when I’m having feeling particularly good on a tempo run or rocking out a set of fast intervals like no one’s business, I’d take a quick glance to make sure no one’s looking, run over to the nearest tree with a branch that’s just slightly just above my head and reach up and slap the leaves as a high-five celebration to myself. The feeling is awesome and exhilarating! I’m just not sure if someone else were to see me, especially a non runner, would I be seen as delusional for interacting with a tree! Haha!

So for this week’s survey question, I want to hear what peculiar things you guys do while running in private that you would never do if you were running or just hanging out in public. Beyond the usual peeing/pooping in odd places, what have you done out on the run that you thought was perfectly appropriate at the time only to think about or find out later that it would be better if left undiscovered?

Think about it and get back to me. Meanwhile this weekend is going to be quite awesome in the Lam household because my little brother is going to be running a four mile race around Central Park – his first NYRR race ever! Not only so, but he’s going to write a race report detailing his impression and experiences for the blog as well. Woohoo! Both of us are very excited. He’ll be running while I’ll be cheering!

Hope all of you who’s running/racing this weekend have a blast too! It’s time for all to celebrate this summer of fun. Get out there and enjoy my friends!


EZEthan said...

If I'm really feeling awesome and a pump you up song comes on my ipod I'll sing along when I run (occasionally will catch myself unintentionally doing this on the treadmill at the gym)...

If I'm really pushing a run and suffering I'll shake my head violently and cuss, roar, or grunt "Come on Ethan" occasionally accompanied by a Tarzan style chest pound...

I'm not too self conscious (or self aware) about it though... I'm pretty much in my own little world when I'm running.

sRod said...


I thought I was the only one who gave fives to inanimate objects! For some reason forever ago I started slapping inanimate things on runs. A pole here, a mailbox there--usually once in every couple runs. Nice to know I'm not the only crazy one.

Aside from that--if I'm in a good mood--I'll sing along (poorly) to my music, or whistle (also poorly). Occasionally I'll even snap my fingers.

joyRuN said...

I totally agree with the nonverbal wave. I gasp & wheeze as it is. I might scare someone trying to actually say "hello".

Only thing I do when running by myself that I wouldn't do with others is curse at myself.

I guess I shouldn't snot rocket with company around either. I'm a bad aim ;)

Ms. V. said...

Sometimes I sing out loud. VERY LOUD. Another thing I've done when I'm in a particularly angsty place is cry. Like sob cries. WAAAAAAAH. Yeah, like that. I would only do that alone, and only if it was warranted.

Great question.

The Laminator said...

@Ethan - I can totally picture you singing to songs and pounding your chest when you run :)

@sRod - I really don't do all inanimate objects, just trees for some reason.

@JoyNRun- Really? You curse yourself. Are you ever scared that others might overhear and think you're cursing at them?

@MrsV - The singing I get, but crying? Wow, that's hardcore!

Betsy said...

I'll sing along with my iPod, too.

I also might talk to myself. During my second marathon, I said, "Okay, I can do this," and only discovered I'd said it out loud (as if I were alone) when a spectator responded.

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