Monday, November 8, 2010

Homecoming: The 2010 NYC Marathon
Part I - The Race Result

Yesterday, I ran the NYCM and as promised, had the most FUN I've ever had in a marathon! For the first time, I allowed myself to enjoy the spectacle of the race in front of family and friends with no pacing strategy and no race goal in mind and had an absolute blast.

In between 26.2 miles (actually more like 27.1 miles according to Garmin), I hi-fived 26.2 people, I ran through the Flyer PowerGel Station TWICE, ran with my brother for 1.2 miles, conquered Fifth Avenue, and had enough in the end to race the last 5K.

It was a whirlwind of a race and I completely enjoyed myself. Thanks goes out to all friends, family, Flyer peeps, blog/DM/Twitter buddies, co-workers, and everyone in between who came out and spectated yesterday. I think I was about 80% successful in hi-fiving all of you on my spreadsheet (double-hi fives counts as two right?).

Of course, there will be a much longer race report to come! (Don't seven parter though). In the meantime, for those who specifically care about the digits, here are mine:

Finishing Time - 3:04:52
Average Pace - 7:03 min/mi
Overall Place - 1236
Gender Place - 1156
Age Place - 260
NY Flyer Men - 3rd

Congratulations to all who ran the NYC Marathon yesterday! Thanks for being a part of the most spectacular annual event in New York City!


Janyne Kizer said...

Awesome! If you high-fived 26.2 people, does that mean you high-fived someone with only two fingers? Should I ask which two?

Anonymous said...

way to go out there and hit that goal of having fun! NYC is sooooooo on my marathons-i-want-to-run list. maybe someday

Morgan said...

Wow all those high fives and you still managed to BQ... again... and sub 3:05... again! LOL! Great show Lam, can't wait for the full recap!

B.o.B. said...

How freakin' awesome Lam! I'm sad I wasn't there for a high five but kudos for running a super fun (and still fast as hell!) marathon.

Susan - Nurse on the Run said...

You looked like you were having a blast out there!!! Congrats on having an amazing time while running an amazing time! :)

Marlene said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you got everything that you hoped to out of it... and then some!

Lisa said...

It's great to hear you had so much fun running and finished with such a gret time! You must have run right in front of us but I didn't see you in the wave of people! We were sitting at the finish line bleachers and I was looking for your bandana. Sorry I missed you! I hope you had fun celebrating and are having a great day!

J said...

I was just wondering how it went!! Congrats Lam on running a great race!

runner26 said...

so did you count me twice?? obviously you noticed i snuck in there for two high fives ;) and how did you figure in the ".2" of a high five??

GREAT race!! I cannot believe your "taking it easy" resulted in a 3:04. AMAZING!!

@irun2befit said...

Excellent!! I'm going to have to make this my next goal HAVE FUN IN A RACE, no pacing, no strategy.. Sounds like a blast, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Can't wait for the rest of the recap.

Alex said...

Been a long time reader, never commented. It sounds like you had a blast. Great job on running and having a good time. Your post inspired me to enter the lottery for NY next year. thanks and continue the great posts

Kevin said...

Nice, had a good time and was only four minutes off your PR (only +/- 15 sec per mile). You are a stud

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