Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Running or Running Holiday?

I did an impromptu survey today. Six people who call themselves runners, one simple question. “In your estimation, which holiday do you find is the hardest to run on?” The answer, by unanimous decision, 5 out of 5, was Christmas. Why 5 out of 5? Well, the sixth guy said Thanksgiving, but since we all know about the Turkey Trot Runs that take place in practically every major city, we decided to reject his answer on the basis of his ignorance of what actually happens in the running community on Thanksgiving.

So why is it so damn hard to run during the Christmas season? Is it the weather? It does tend to get windy and cold this time of year. Is it the presents? If you’re too busy buying them, delivering them, or opening them up, you probably won’t have time to go for a run. Or maybe it’s the family obligations, it’s kind of hard to excuse yourself for a couple of hours for a long run when you’ve either visiting or entertaining them at your own place. Although all of these are legitimate excuses to neglect your running shoes over the holidays, I tend to think that the biggest contributor to our slothfulness is guiltless gluttony. Not only are we eating uninhibited at all social and family functions in the name of “refueling” after the fall marathons, but we’re also running less because most of us have nothing to train for. Training season (even for Boston) will not commence until after all the Christmas lights are down.

That’s really sad for me because I’m only 12 miles away from 1000 for the year but haven’t run since Sunday. In case I have any Secret Santa’s out there, all I want for Christmas is a good weather day so I can go run! If you can all just box that up and stick it under the tree for me to find on Christmas morning, that’d be so great.


See Zanne Run said...

training for a february maarathon has alleviated this problem for me. i'm a stickler for sticking to my schedule - irregardless of weather & holiday fetivities. (getting the runs done before 7am prevents them getting in the way of shopping & family time too - so there's no excuse!) ... although i do have to say the thoughts of doing mile repeats on christmas morning is really depressing. that is one workout i may skip.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hmmm, running on Christmas is a challenge for sure. My psycho running sis in law is coming in. I bet she might get me out there.

I had major plans to run in NYC but wrenched my back pretty good before we left. :( Still enjoyed your great city though. I looked for you in Central Park. Don't you like the slushy snow? :D

Have a great holiday!!

Amanda said...

Seriously between the ice, the traveling and the constant visitors it's much harder. I've become a bit of a treadmill junkie to overcome the first part...but the later well they're just tough.

Jamie said...

Tis the season to do everything but run. At least that's how I feel right now! Glad to know I'm not the only one.

nwgdc said...

thanksgiving? hard to run during? i LOVE it that you dismissed him from the poll. you GOTTA get those 12 in! come on, end on a perfect 1000!

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