Monday, December 31, 2007

Saying Goodbye to 2007

Remember when you were a kid, it was summertime, and you went to your favorite amusement park for the very first time? You ran from one ride to another, going from the dizzy spinning teacups to the death-defying roller coasters to the tilty wooden ship, pausing only for lunch or the bathroom. Before you knew it, it got dark, and you ran even harder, trying to fit in one last ride, daring whoever brought you there to catch up, and wishing that the day would never end.

That’s how I’ve been feeling these past few days, looking over my stats for 2007. In so many ways, this was a banner year for me in terms of running. Not only did I log in more miles than I did the previous two years combined, I also PR’d in half of the races I ran and achieved every single of the four goals I’d set for myself at the beginning of the year. Although my crowning achievement was, of course, qualifying for Boston at the New York City Marathon back in November, the accomplishment that I’m actually the most proud of, is introducing two of my friends to the wonders of the sport and coaching them from their first mile to their first marathon. Although they are both still licking their wounds from their first attempt at 26.2, and probably still haven’t forgiven me for the many painful injuries they had to endure during the training, here’s to hoping that once the weather turns nice, they’ll remember the adrenaline rush and come back out of hibernation to join me back on the roads again.

As for me, I’m still trying to hammer done some realistic goals for 2008. In the meantime, here are the rest of my running stats for your entertainment.

2007 Running Totals
Distance = 1018.9 Miles
Time = 124 Hours 50 Minutes 10 Seconds
Average Pace = 7:21 min/mile
Average Heart Rate = 155.7 BPM

PRs in 2007
4M – 24:53 [Race to Deliver: 11/18]
15K – 1:01:30 [NYRR Hot Chocolate: 12/1]
½ Mar – 1:31:16 [Fairfield: 6/24]
½ Mar – 1:28:06 [Queens: 9/23]
Marathon – 3:08:18 [NYC: 11/4]

For all my blog readers, thanks for the love in 2007. Have a very healthy and prosperous new year! Finally, don’t forget to buckle up when you come around these parts next year because if the past year was any indication, ’08 is going to be one crazy, adventurous, wonderful, hellacious, roll-your-windows-down-and-hold-on-to-the-kids kind of a joyride!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

I had no idea that this year was out of the ordinary (more miles than the last two combined!). I really thought you were an old pro (using old loosely). I am so impressed with what you have accomplished. That 3:08 is just awesome.

So glad I ran into you, wish I could for real. I already know I like you. Thanks for letting me tag along on your journey and following mine. I can always use some coaching. :D

Take care and have a great 08!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice numbers! Happy 2008!!!

Jamie said...

Look at those numbers! Maybe someday I'll put up stats like that :) I have enjoyed following you the last few months and look forward to following you through Boston and beyond. Happy New Year!

nwgdc said...

great numbers...i can think of one runner you've inspired to increase his running total...

Who is SLB+? said...

Nice stat's and awesome times, I am looking forward to following your adventures in 2008

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Burning the candle at both ends tonight??

Smokes, I just noticed you are an endo to boot. How interesting. We only have one peds endo in Des Moines. Busy lady. All those type 2's cropping up. No wonder you run. :D

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