Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year’s Running Resolutions

I’m not saying I’m an advocate of Al Gore and his theory on anthropogenic global warming, but the latest weather patterns in NYC have been downright bizarre. It was unseasonably warm during the holidays but downright windy, cold, and full of white stuff ever since we hit 2008. Maybe we need to change the song from “White Christmas” to “White New Year’s” ?

I guess blaming the weather is not healthy, but I’m still waiting for some cooperation from Mother Nature so I can get my first run in for 2008. I might be hard-core, but running with temps in the teens and wind chill in the single digits is beyond even my level of craziness. Luckily, all was not lost however, as the brutal conditions outdoors allowed me an opportunity to work on my New Year’s Running Resolutions for 2008. Because I’ll be turning 33 this year, I decided to use the number 3 as my inspiration:

Running Resolutions for 2008
1. Run 3 Marathons in 2008.
2. Log at least 1333 miles for the year.
3. Establish PRs in at least 3 distances.
4. Run in 3 road races outside of New York.
5. Participate in 3 road races that I’ve never ran before.
6. Run a road race with 3 new people.
7. Coach 3 new runners to run well in their distance event.
8. And lastly…Run a marathon in under 3:05 (to knock 3 minutes off my previous PR)

There you have it. I think they are good goals to shoot for. Hopefully, they will all inspire me to be a better, faster, and more consistent runner. They will also help me connect with others in the running community. What do you all think? Too hard, too easy? I guess for the time being, they are subject to change, so as always, comments are appreciated.


nwgdc said...

what i learned from my goals is that 1333 will be an easy number to attain if you're running 3 marathons...perhaps 1933? 9's a multiple of 3, afterall.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great goals, great inspiration. I see why you didn't use 33. :D

Does this mean I need to use some 4's for the big 4 0 ? hmmm.

Run For Life said...

Goals are meant to be ambitious; if it doesn't take effort to achieve then you aren't working to your potential so I think those are good! Creative idea about the 3's, too. :)

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