Monday, January 14, 2008

My Injury Update

I apologize to all those who have wondered about my disappearance from the blogosphere, but it’s been difficult for me to think about anything running related since my latest injury…not to mention how hard it is to type with one hand! Thanks for all your warm wishes and concern, but it looks like The Running Laminator will not been running anytime soon. I went back to the doctor today and it looks like my fractured bones have slipped some during the past week, so much so that they are no longer in alignment. (Maybe that’s why I have been having such excruciating pain during this past weekend, even as my favorite football team, the NY Giants were on their way to dismantling the Dallas Cowboys!) Either way, I’m probably going to have surgery sometime later this week or next week to fix the damages. I’ve never had any procedure done on me while I am not conscious so I’m a little freaked out right now. I’ll have more of an update when I know more about the surgery.
In the meantime, please sign up for Nancy’s 9 on the 9th run and Vanilla’s Shave your 5K Challenge. They both sound like so much fun, I’m jealous of all that will get to participate. Run a good one for me, will ya?!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh damn, that sucks. They slipped huh? Just what have you been doing???

I'm so sorry. I understand not wanting to read about running too much. My latest entry is about my fat a$$ -- maybe that will improve your spirits? :D

Thanks for the plug. I'm going to go put in 3 miles for you...

nwgdc said...

sorry to hear about it! perhaps you can schedule it for late sunday afternoon so you don't have to be awake for my packers' dismantling of the gmen. :)

Jamie said...

that sucks. there's not much else to say. I'm sorry. take care of yourself - I hope you have a quick recovery.

nwgdc said...

from a very cold and depressed northern wisconsin, i would like to say congrats, and please please please beat beliCHICK.
as for me, i think i'll be running during the first half but will be back in time for the finish.

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