Monday, January 21, 2008

More Injury News

It’s been two weeks since my injury and although the pain is no longer excruciating and I can get by through the day without pain medication, my left shoulder is not yet operational, which means my arm is still in a cast, which means there’s still no timetable for my return back to training. The only bright spot is that there’s a chance I might be able to escape surgery. It all depends on how my bones look on Wednesday’s xray. If the two broken ends of the clavicle behave themselves and look to be relatively aligned and healing, surgery will not be necessary. I’m seriously banking on that right now, because after researching the risks of surgery, I’m not inclined to go under the knife anytime soon.

The only caveat to my optimism is that I think I might have inadvertently aggravated the injury yesterday. Prior to yesterday, I had been careful to keep my arm in the sling as much as possible, taking my arm out only to shower or to change clothes. But yesterday night, after watching Eli Manning (my new man-love) and his teammates overcome the odds, the cold, the legendary Brett Favre and the mystique of Lambeau Field to beat the Packers 23-20 and advance to the Super Bowl, I got caught in more than a few embraces and group hugs as we jumped up and down at the after-party. Although I was in cloud nine after this improbable victory, my clavicle must have taken offense to the wild frenzy because it’s now hurting more than it did all last week.

Oh well, I guess I’ll find out on Wednesday if my bones are still intact. In the meantime, I’m already making special arrangements to be in a more controlled environment to watch the Super Bowl, just in case the Giants decide to shock the world by beating the undefeated Patriots. Go Big Blue!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh man, so sorry to hear about the pain. I really hope you can escape surgery too. We had this dilemma with our little one who had a bad break in the elbow. Fortunately everything stayed in place and they didn't have to do anything. Understandable though on the celebration. That second half was amazing and under those conditions....they totally deserved it (and this coming from a GB fan.) Hang in there and get well. The training will be there when you are well.

Eric Gervase said...

I feel for you on the clavicle. I broke mine in HS. If it's any consolation, overexertion did tend to cause pain (but, it stayed aligned). I was a stupid HS kid and played one handed basketball through the recovery process. I'm sure you're probably not doing that.

In regards to the Giants win.. I'm jealous (an Eagles fan). Who knew? I hate to say it... But, I wouldn't mind them ruining history.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hey Lam - I'm thinking about you and wondering how you are holding up. I'm guessing typing an update is not high on your list, but I hope you are doing well.

Here's something to cheer you up or make you laugh. I am the mom that got human parvo and manifested with severely swollen joints and pain. My kids didn't even get Fifth Disease but somehow I picked it up!! Imagine my surprise when I swelled up over night like an 80 year old with RA. Needless to say, there hasn't been much running here. I'm hoping to be back in the next day or two but still have some joint pain. Nothin a little medrol dose pak won't cure.

Hope I made you smile. Take care of yourself.

aham23 said...

that injury blows. man, i am sorry to hear about that.

i hope you made it through the super celebration without further harm!!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

We need a progress report. Hope you are okay.

Sent you a Valentine shout out on my blog. We missed you.

Be well.

Christine said...

Hope you feel better soon! If you end up needing surgery, ask me for some anesthesia tips. Its my specialty :)

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