Thursday, May 1, 2008

Running Down The Jersey Shore

After celebrating all the fantastic finishes at the Boston Marathon (you rock, people!) and brandishing all those who ran in that race illegitimately (shame on you bandits --- from me and my readers), I guess it’s my turn to step up to the plate this weekend and participate in a longer distance race. So, more out of race envy than anything else, I’m taking a little trip and heading down to Jersey this Sunday to run in the Long Branch Half-Marathon. Since it’s a flat and fast course, so unlike what I’m used to in Central Park, I’m looking forward to starting fast, jumping ahead, blowing by the field, and finally grabbing some much sought after bling that’s been seriously lacking in my race closet. Haha. If only.

Actually, to come clean, I’m quite anxious about this race. Do not exactly know why. Training has been going well so far. Digits in my log also tells me that I’m running faster than I was at any point last year. (I think my log is lying and playing mind tricks with me, but that’s more of a DSM-IV type of discussion, which I’m not going to have here. Ask Nancy—yes, the one with a clubif you need an explanation.) So why am I so damn nervous? I guess part of it has to do with the weather. The “experts” are predicting wind and rain for much of the day on Sunday and I have zero to no experience racing in inclement weather. Another part has to do with personal expectations. Since my last half-marathon race report was titled The Best Run Ever, you can imagine the likelihood that I’ll have a repeat performance. I guess since it’s going to rain, lightning may strike twice, right? If so, should I then name this race report The Best Run Ever Ever? Finally, even though the course is supposed to be pancake flat, I’m still weary about waking up freakin’ early (5AM) to run 13.1 miles in totally unfamiliar territory. It’s Jersey for crying out loud, have you seen their drivers? Okay, I just made a subset of my fan club quite mad, but I admit it. I rarely run well outside of my hometown state. Now I guess I know how it feels to play away from home even if you are the No. 1 seed. Haha. There I go again, totally pumping myself up for a race that I’m totally intimidated by. (I really shouldn't be so blatant about my defense mechanisms—another DSM-IV discussion I shouldn’t be having here.)

So, in summary, my goals for this race will be kept fairly modest. If it doesn’t rain, I run well, slap a few spectating fans’ hands, and break 1:30, I’d be happy. If I can beat my Best Run Ever, I’d be ecstatic. And if some faster people in my age group decides to trip and fall in sequential order in front of me and I happen to end up with an age group medal, I’m sure you’ll see me in a newspaper somewhere. I’ll be the one with the dorkiest smile out of all the people wearing race bling. Hey, even a schizo runner like me can dream big. (There I go again. Really need to sign myself up for some post-race psychotherapy! Maybe THAT’s what I should do with my award money!)

Wish me luck, people! As you can see, I’ll most definitely need it.


KimsRunning said...

Hey...good luck in the half!! I bet you do very well. Just be very careful when you wear your medal to the office....The Laminator almost knocked his daughter's tooth out with his!!!

Have fun, I'll be watching for the race report.

I'm running the Disney Minnie Mouse 15K on Sunday. Funny thing is, I'm hoping to finish THAT in 1:20, then I read your ETA for 1:30 for a half....LOL

Irish Cream said...

Good luck, Lam!! I'm totally feeling an award of some kind coming your way . . . (this isn't helping, is it?) But either way, I'm pretty sure most of blog-land will still be super impressed with your time ;) Race well!

sRod said...

Dude! Here are my pointers for Long Branch:
1. It is totally flat except for one sharp little hill at the 8 mile marker.
2. The course gets really narrow at mile marker 10.
3. The weather looks perfect.
4. Driving down there is rough. Be prepared there is one intersection en route to the starting line that the light is timed poorly. So there's a huge jam, but it clears up right after you pass the intersection.

Good luck!!!

nyflygirl said...

hey hey hey...i'm from NJ, and I can drive quite well, thankyouverymuch :)

Good luck on Sunday!! May the current forecast be wrong...for both our sakes..

(and last year's Queens Half was your "Best Run Ever?" impressive-it was the total opposite for me...worst half ever!!)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You ARE sounding a little DSM IV-ish. hee hee Please!! My picture is practically in there. :D :D

You will do fine. Remember the club. And remember to have fun. We'll be cheering for ya!

Christine said...

Good luck in the half. I'm sure you will be blazing will be faster than the buses that try to run you over. haha. Enjoy the race..!

Robert W. said...

Hey, man, have a great race. We're all cheering for you.

Have fun.

Run For Life said...

Just go out there and do your thing! It'll be a good time to reflect on all the DSM IV symptoms you're exhibiting lately. :P j/k Good luck!

nwgdc said...

1:30 sounds like a perfectly attainable goal. Keep that pace and leave yourself some "kick" at the end. And by "kick" I mean two things:

1. Energy for a faster pace over the last mile than you ran over the previous 12.

2. A solidly-placed roundhouse or trip for any Age groupers (OR BANDITS) ahead of you. If you pretend to stumble while they go down, it'll look like an accident.

Nitmos said...

You know, sometimes people can trip and fall because they got their legs "accidentally" tangled up with another runner following close behind. Just sayin...

Best wishes (ever) with your race!

Jamie said...

Good luck! I expect to be reading the Best Half Marathon Ever part II on Monday ;) Running in new places is fun. I used to be scared of it but now I prefer the change of scenery and anticipation of not knowing whats to come.

Betsy said...

Good luck this weekend, Lam! Bling or no, I'm sure you'll do awesome. I'm just trying to figure out how you've managed to avoid running in bad weather!

mom2beccaNallie said...

Good Luck Lam, I know you'll do great!!! Can't wait to read your race report:)

The Laminator said...

Well, I'm off. Thanks all for your kind words. Will do my best there tomorrow morning, whether I can bling or not. I already feel bad for the guy who finds himself next to me at the 13 mile mark! Hope you all have a good weekend. Rest up, and get ready to read an awesome race report on Monday!

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