Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random RUNNING Facts About Me

1. My first race EVER was the Nike Run Hit Wonder 5 Miler in Central Park. Yeah, it was fun. Too bad it no longer exists!

2. I crossed the finish line in 32:54 and puked a few seconds later. It was first and last time I’ve ever crossed the puke threshold in a race.

3. I’ve yet to run a race without a bandana – I believe it’s what gives me my mojo.

4. I ran my first marathon – the 2005 New York City Marathon – in 3:28:26...after crawling 4 blocks on Fifth Avenue.

5. I am kind of a late bloomer – I never ran in high school, college, or even in medical school.

6. I always run with music, but have never raced with it.

7. In every race I run, I try and remember something unique about every single mile. That way, I make each race more memorable and personal.

8. I started running only because my friend M was, and I so wanted to beat him in one-on-one basketball.

9. My favorite race distance is the half-marathon...which is why the race I’m most proud of is last year’s Staten Island Half, which I finished in 1:25:44.

10. Yet I run a few marathons a year because it brings me closer to people who are far away, especially my sister who I share a conversation with every time at Mile 23.

11. I run because it keeps me sane, healthy, and at peace with myself

12. I keep a running blog because one day I know I will have to give this sport up and I want to remember what it once felt like to run well.

13. Even though I don’t know how to swim…yet, I’m pretty sure I’ll participate in a triathlon before I’ll run an ultramarathon.

14. I own a collection of bandanas in 56 distinct colors…and am always looking for more!

15. My best marathon finish so far is the 2008 version of the New York City Marathon – 3:02:20. That was also the race where I had the most friends/fans in attendance. Coincidence? I think not.

16. I strive to be a better coach than I am a runner, and a better doctor than I am a coach. But I really think I can be equally good in all three.

17. My goal this year is run a sub 3 hour marathon, because me and my brother once thought that 2:59 was like Kenyan speed!

18. My biggest fear is being caught in the middle of a marathon with a medical emergency and having to decide what to do.

19. I like tempo runs…intervals and long runs not so much.

20. I’ve run 6 marathons and 13 half marathons but still have yet to run my first 5K.

21. On my bucket list of running is to run the Great Wall Marathon and the Hong Kong Marathon. I heard you get prize money if you can run the latter in sub-3:00.

22. The more I run, the more I realize that speed is so personal and relative.

23. I run fast because I was once picked last in a relay race in elementary school.

24. My favorite blog post(s) was my four-part race report from last year’s New York City Marathon…complete with excepts from Liz Robbin’s book describing the state of the course.

25. My favorite part of the run is the shower and the meal after.


audgepodge said...

How is it possible that you've never run a 5K??!!! Such a shame... although, knowing you, those could potentially lead to more puking mishaps ;)

Julianne said...

I love that you have a running mojo! 56 bandanas, who'd thunk?? I also run with music but don't race with it! I love #10...

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun reading your 25 random things. My favorites are #10and 22. I also enjoyed the comment about a sub 3 being Kenyan fast.

Jess said...

I think it's funny you've never run a 5k :). Although now that I've done a bunch, it's definitely my least favorite's easy to cross the puke threshold when you're thinking, "it's only 3 miles!" I've never lost it while running, but I've come close :)

You should post a picture of your bandanna collection sometime!

Heather said...

Amen for #25! Great list Laminator!

aron said...

loved these!!!!

never a 5k?!?! and a tri before an ultra? :)

Jamie said...

I'm sad the Run Hit Wonder doesn't exist either! I love your 25 - thanks!

joyRuN said...

Fascinating, Lam! Especially that you've never run a 5K. How's that possible?

Irish Cream said...

Re: No. 20 . . . You should come run the NYRR Al Gordon Snowflake 5K in Prospect Park on 2/21!! It will somehow be my very first 5K too! Doooooo it!! :)

Marci said...

I have only run one 5K - and it was my first ever "race". I hate the thought of all out puke. That said, I am running the freakishly flexible 5K virtual race this weekend!

sara said...

great post! 56 bandanas, that's crazy! #10 is really touching. and i've thought about #18 as well. i'm sure you'd know what to do.

i haven't really run a 5k either ... i ran one before i was a "runner", i.e., i had to stop and walk at some point.

maybe i'll make a list like this about myself ... :)

The Happy Runner said...

Love the list! I think you've got to run a 5k. I would be so interested to see how you'd do since you have such speed!

56 bandanas...there's a song there, I think...

Cowboy Hazel said...

Hahaha, nice twist on the 25 things...

#9. That's an awesome time. You should be proud of it.

#13. Really? I definitely want to run an ultramarthon someday soon.

#20. You should run Coogan's on March 1st. I find that the short distance races are a great way to get motivated for speed work during marathon training.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I bought a bandana after reading your blog for a while but it was just not for me.

sRod said...

I like #25--truly the best part of a run is the meal afterwards.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I'm glad you have the blog too. Someday you will look back and be so glad you kept all those wonderful runs, memories, thoughts, etc. It has the added bonus of entertaining and inspiring. :D

If the medical emergency is your biggest fear, I'm thinking you have a pretty charmed life.

Miss ya.

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