Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boston Marathon Training Update - Week 9

Once again, I allowed my overly sensationalized saga surrounding a weekend race to prevent me from delivering this training update in a timely fashion. Be that as it may, I did a really good job of holding myself back this week mileage-wise. I’m somewhat proud of the fact that even though I did half the distance I had planned for the entire week in the first two days, I didn’t blindly follow through with the rest of the workouts, but instead locked up my shoes for a few days to prevent myself from overtraining. Of course, it was an extremely busy work week for me as well, so the extra rest really came in handy. Perhaps that’s why I went out like gangbusters right from the opening guy and almost ran the race of my life. I said almost because there’s a space on my mantelpiece that looks a little empty right now, but I digress…

Week #9 (2/16-2/22)
What I Planned:

[Speed Intervals: 6 total miles with 3 x 1M at 5:58 pace]
Tempo Run: 9 total miles with 7 tempo miles at 6:34 pace
Recovery Run: 8 total miles at easy pace
General Aerobic Run: 14 miles at 7:05 pace
Hill Sprint Workout: 6 miles
Cherry Tree Ten Miler: 10 miles at race pace
Total week 9 distance: 44 miles

What I Ran:

Monday Flyers Group Run: 12.4 miles at 7:39 pace [Avg HR 132]
Treadmill Tempo Run: 8.3 miles with 7 miles at 6:25 pace
General Aerobic Run: 14.3 miles at 7:00 pace [Avg HR 153]
Cherry Tree Ten Miler: 10 miles at 6:20 pace [Avg HR 153]
Total week 9 distance: 45.0 miles; avg pace – 6:58 min/mi

How I Ran:

After an enjoyable 21.6 miler last Saturday, I took Sunday off in preparation for a series of speedy workouts this week. I had planned my Monday run to only be about 6 miles, but due to some laughable miscalculations, ran more than double that distance. I was a little tentative about speedwork the next day (given that I’d just ran 34 miles in less than 3 days) but was pleasantly surprised when my legs didn’t feel as sore as I had anticipated. Sweet!

For speedwork this week, I was staring at a bunch of interval miles while a long tempo run was scheduled for the follow week. However, since I was planning for a ten-miler this weekend and a 5-K the following weekend, I decided it would more appropriate to flip flop workouts so that I’d be prepping for the 10-miler with a long tempo run this week and prepping for the 5-K with short intervals the following week. Truth be told, I was exhausted in the middle of the tempo miles due to the substantial volume of training the last few days, but was able to hold on for a stellar 6:25 min/mi average pace for the entire 7 miles.

After a much needed rest day, I fought a tough windy battle with the West Side Highway for 14 miles. The pace was a bit fast but gave me extra confidence heading into the Cherry Tree race. Still, because my legs were sore and I could almost feel the beginnings of some Achilles’ tendonitis, I took two days off, which would have been unheard of in a marathon training cycle just as mine. But because I had done that, I was able to run my 10-mile race a bit faster than I anticipated. The rest, as they say, is history.


Oh and just in case you thought this past week was all about me, surprise, surprise, it was not. I’m happy to announce that I’ve been recruited by two new runners (one a blogger and the other a friend) to be their new running coach. One of them will be running her very first half-marathon in April while the other will be running her second half-marathon in May in preparation for her first full marathon in October. They are both so very excited to have spanking new training plans designed by me to play with. Little do they both know just exactly what they’d sign up for. Poor souls.

So, fellow runners, if you have any advice for these hapless individuals about to embark on their own journeys toward becoming half and full marathoners, please be sure to leave some nuggets of wisdom for them in the comments. I’ll be sure to pass them along. God knows how they’ll be hanging on to your every word like they’ve doing to mine.

Have a good rest of the week all!


Julianne said...

Nuggets of wisdom?? Errr. I wish I had some. How about just go out there and have fun? Make sure you're flexible with your training? You probably have more to offer than me. Congrats on being recruited as a coach and great job keeping up with your Boston Training!! :-)

Jess said...

Hey! I don't need no nuggets of wisdom! I kid, I kid...I definitely do :). And I do have a list of stupid questions to ask :).

Love reading your training updates!

M*J*C said...

First, congrats on your race!
Second, it looks like you're training for Boston is going AWESOME!!!!! Good for you!
Your new "students" are lucky to have you as their coach!

X-Country2 said...

I'm not much help with the nuggets either, but good luck to them and welcome to the racing community!

Running and living said...

Congrats on your awesome training and managing not to run too many miles.
Words of wisdom for your "running students"? Listen to your coach!

Chic Runner said...

Nugget of wisdom for the halfer - ENJOY IT! :) Don't freak out at all, I was scared and then I realized that it's totally doable! :) Congrats on becoming another coach. You can coach me too! :) I need all the help I can get. Anyways, congrats on another great week of mileage. You are going to dominate Boston.

Cowboy Hazel said...

Sounds like a solid running week. You got in an impressive amount of miles and still managed three days off -- nicely done.

Michelle said...

Great week of running!!

I am sooo jealous of your running abilities!!!

I have no nuggets of wisdom. I need nuggets of wisdom!!!!


Run For Life said...

You are too funny, that mantel will be less bare soon (and if I'm wrong you can always go buy a vase to fill up the space instead.) :P

Running nugget of wisdom? Pay attention to each week and the overall progression rather than freaking yourself out by thinking, "I have WHAT on schedule in 10 weeks?!"

I know you enjoy coaching and I hope you all have fun!

audgepodge said...

Oh, good job with the new recruits! I'm already impressed by them - b/c I'd be too scared to have you coach me :)

My advice to them - don't use your coach's running paces as a reference, he is not human! Oh... and have fun!

ECrunnergirl said...

All I can say is they have a great trainer! You are very inspiring Lam! They will do awesome under your are one fast dude!

Great job on the training...amazing what a tad bit of rest does. I recently had a similar experience :-O

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