Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ten (More) Random Things About Me

Thanks for enlightening me with your tready stories. I love hearing all of them.

Julie from her running blog tagged me over the weekend and threatened not to like me anymore if I didn't play her game. Although I consider myself a little too old to play these sort of blog games (I'm already three-and-a-half blog years old already!), in the interest of not offending Julie who's one of my favorite running bloggers, I will try to reveal some bits and pieces of me that may or may not have been apparent earlier on. Here goes.

1. I have the best penmanship for a doctor, especially a male doctor, hands down! Not a week goes by that I don't hear about how neat my handwriting is. If there was a national contest, I'm sure I'd win first prize...even if I'm scribbling notes as fast as I can. Yes, it's quite annoying!

2. Surprisingly, the city I've been to the most outside of NY is...San Francisco. I love the food. I love the people. I love the scenery. I always tell my friends if one day you don't find me in New York, look for me in the City by the Bay on the opposite side of the country.

3. I was a poetry geek all through college. Don't blame me. Blame the late Frank McCourt who discovered me in high school and described me as a passionate writer.

4. My new mantra this year is "Define Your Own Awesomeness". It came to me upon waking one January morning when out of the blue I knew I was going to be awesome that day without knowing why or how. Then I realized that each of us is awesome in our own unique way so we should get out there and define what awesome is for that specific day. It is short, sweet, but powerful and inspiring, I think.

5. The faster I get, the less confident I am about my speed. Go figure.

6. I did not play any organized sports as a kid. My lone sports highlight before running was hitting a triple over the center fielder's head to win a wiffle ball game during gym in junior high. The fact the outfielders were all playing shallow because I couldn't hit a lick made the trip around the bases that much sweeter.

7. I've never had a running injury, at least nothing serious to the point where I've had to rest for more than a couple days. The only thing close was when I broke my clavicle two years ago when I was a bit too aggressive on the slopes with the snowboard. I was forced to miss two months as a result of it. But because it was during the dead of winter and I was just a beginner runner back then, I didn't really miss running all that much. I always wonder if I'd be able to handle it as well now.

8. I have a theory about fantastically delicious foods. It's called the Seven Slices of Heaven. I believe that in this lifetime, each of us will come across seven food items that will be so delicious and invigorating that it overwhelms the senses and has the power to lift you out of your deepest depression and bring you instantaneous satisfaction and happiness. I myself have come across two slices of heaven so far. The first is White Chocolate Cappucino Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (a flavor that they no longer make) and the second is Strawberry Wild Fruit Mixer from Jamba Juice. I have a feeling that the third slice of heaven will reveal itself to me sometime this year.

9. Although I enjoy running in the company of others, I never feel like I'm training unless I'm running by myself. I'm intimidated to run with people who are faster than me and I tend to slow down when I'm running with people who can't keep my pace. Similarly, I'm not very competitive with others but extremely competitive with myself. That's why I don't do so well at group speedwork sessions but kick ass when I'm training and racing by myself. Sometimes during actual races, I would close my eyes and pretend that no one's around just to try to reproduce that same effect.

10. I'm totally uncomfortable talking about myself (unless it's about running) as if that's not so apparent by now.


Julie said...

Hi Lam,
Okay, so now I adore you even more for accepting my tag:) I love learning more about people and this was fun to read!! I do not know a doctor that has good handwriting...not even the female radiologist that I work with has good handwriting. She will even admit it:) Why am I not surprised that Lam has perfect penmanship? I love San Fransisco too! We are going there in July for a few days before I run in the Napa to Sonoma Valley Half Marathon:) I also love the Cheesecake Factory and have found a few things there that I love! I like your new mantra and agree that each of us are uniquely awesome in some sort of way:) Thank goodness that you had a great teacher to help and encourage you with your writing and poetry!! You are a passionate writer and that is obvious in your blog:) Now if I could just talk you into posting a poem or two:) Thanks for sharing more information about you Lam!! You made my day and I appreciate you humoring me:) Have a great week!!

Running and living said...

Wow, how cool about Frank McCourt. I love his writing. Nr 5 and 9speak to me!

aron said...

i love this posts :)


Marathon Maritza said...

Ooooh being a foodie-loving runner, I really liked the 'slices of heaven' part! What a great way to see it!

And yay for SF love! When will you be back here?

Anonymous said...

ahhh love these types of posts!!

"define your own awesomness" = greatness

Morgan said...

You may not feel comfortable talking about yourself but we love learning more about you! I mean I consider you a friend even if we've never met. :)

kevin f forde said...

Anyone who cites Frank McCourt is alright in my book........anyone who cites Frank McCourt and isn't Irish.........I raise my shamrock race bandana to you sir!

J said...

Great post Lam! Thanks for sharing even though it was hard!

Chic Runner said...

I love learning more about my friends and everyone always is commenting on my penmanship too! MAN! you are fast so believe it brother!

Mike G said...


carpeviam said...

Love this. Good read. Not that the rest aren't... ;)

lindsay said...

hmm poetry nerd... not sure we can still be friends ;-) jk. i just don't get poetry a lot of times? well, when your english teacher is looking for a 10-pg dissertation of a stanza - that's the part i didn't like :)

#5. right there with you. except for like 2:00/mile slower ;-) #8, i'm on board!

Lisa said...

from reading #7 it sounds like you've only been running for 2-3 years. is that true? wow. very impressive. I love your mantra, by the way. I must adopt it if you don't mind.

Michelle said...

Lam, I am adopting your mantra as my own. Ok, I am borrowing it for a while. It's perfect. For me, for you and for everybody!!!

Right on!!!

Your awesome!

Erin said...

Oooh you need to tell us more about your relationship with Frank McCourt! I heard him speak about his time as a teacher once and it was fascinating.

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