Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Wonder*

(*This post was inspired by IronBrandon who asked me this provocative question - What do you wonder about when you run? Here's my response...)

...If I'll run another sub-3 marathon this year.

...If my brother will finish his first marathon in May

...if my mom will win an age group award before me.

...if the snowstorms will ever end.

...if the new blog will take off like the old one did.

...if i can trust myself to know when to say when (in terms of racing).

...if i'll ever find love in running and running in love.

...if i can run a sub-5 minute mile.

...when we'll find a cure for cancer or diabetes.

...if i can blog and write like I used to.

...if my running brings me closer to friends and family who don't run.

...if i can ever be a consistent pre-dawn runner.

...if the obesity epidemic will ever end.

...if our healthcare system will ever be fixed.

...if my sister is proud of me.

...if i'll ever learn to use Wordpress.

...if i am living up to my potential.

...if i can log 2500 miles this year or if i'll even want to.

...if medicine and running can ever coexist.

...if i'll ever find peace despite the social injustices i see around me everyday.

...if we'll ever find out how he met his mother.

...if i can keep paying it forward without asking/expecting to be paid back.

...if the Mets and Knicks will win another championship in my lifetime.

...if Flushing Meadows will ever be home base for a running club.

...if i can ever run another sub-7 min mile at Mile 25.

...if i'll retire from blogging or running first.

...if I can teach as much as I have learned from others.

...if i'll ever wear black magic marker digits on my bicep. many kids died because of of the Wakefield paper.

...when i'll write another poem.

...if it's easier to run clockwise or counterclockwise around Central Park.

...if Seattle Greys will ever admit an endocrine case they can't treat surgically.

...when we'll stop selling guns to criminals.

...if i'll see a fully operational 2nd Avenue subway in my lifetime.

...if anyone is still reading this list.

...if we'll ever win the war against tyranny and terror.

...why the marathon course runs through the worst part of Queens.

...if there's such a thing as a healthy addiction.

...if i'll ever enjoy red wine.

...when i'll find my 3rd slice of heaven.

...if the 2hr marathon barrier will be broken in my lifetime.

...when the time comes, if I can actually stop, not look back...and just walk away.

What do YOU wonder about?


Scott Brown said...

After reading that I wonder why I haven't been back for so long ;)

Still reading all your Tweets though Lam, and looking forward to seeing the new blog!

Running and living said...

Hmm, I don't wonder much:)
Some thing we have control over, others we don't. What seemed important last year might not be important now. We are in perpetual motion:)

Anonymous said...

I wonder about a lot, my list never ends, so I'm not sure you want me to answer that question

Laura said...

I wonder about a lot of stuff...usually light nonsensical stuff to get me through a run, especially a long run. If I start thinking deep thoughts...I get distracted by shiny things.

Anonymous said...

The clockwise/counterclockwise dilemma is the most inscrutable question about running in New York City! I love your list of wonderings!

Jesse - Run To The Border said...

Great list. I hope you don't retire from blogging or running anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

i wonder about a lot of that stuff too. mostly it's just fleeting thoughts but sometimes i'll muse over them in great detail...

Nelly said...

I was laughing at your Knicks comment - I'm a Knicks fan from the west coast, and it's good to see the team playing pretty well this year. Amare Stoudamire has had a good year, same with Felton, Fields and Gallinari. Here's hoping that they win that title during your lifetime, haha

Xenia said...

Yes, I was still reading the list. I even finished it. :)

J said...

Great post lam! I may have to steal this idea! It is hard for me to remember all the stuff I think about while I run - I should run with a tape recorder some time and talk to myself lol!

LittleBro said...

Cool post dude. I definately do not wonder such deep thoughts or think too much about TV shows. Lol, i just think about form and how much pain I am in and how far I have run and how much further I have left.

J said...

You are the only one who caught that I put 9am instead of 9pm! Obviously I didn't get enough sleep!

Jamie said...

How can you not enjoy red wine? You just haven't tried the right one yet... love this post lam!

Meg said...

I read the whole list, really I did! Touching. I do wonder a lot when I run...the thought about guns came up in my mind this week. Maybe that's something we need to do more than wonder about...tragic.

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

I love this! I may just have to do this on my blog too :) Happy 2011 Lam!

runner26 said...

Running is so great for all this wonderings. And you have some great thoughts! Sometimes it's great to use a run for this type of reflection.

ElmerM said...

Ha ha, snap.. and that's before the end of mile 1!

Dominique de Rooij said...

This post is a great example of just how many levels of deep running takes you.

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Great list of wonderings. I think about stuff all the time when I run.

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