Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome Back to the City

I made it back to the city today after the 4-day excursion in Myrtle Beach. Although the destination was perfect for golf, cards, and relaxation, it was not very conducive to marathon training as the humidity was sky high and the heat index reached triple digits each day we were there. A short run on the treadmill was all I could muster the energy for during the trip.

So the first thing I did when I got back to the city this afternoon was lace up the shoes for a mid distance training run in the park. Since it had been a while since I ran, I decided to do a ten miler, starting with the lower 5-mile loop and ending with the upper 5-mile loop, all in a clockwise direction. I was hoping that finishing with Harlem Hill would give me some practice running tough hills on tired legs.

The first fives miles were easy and comfortable, the last five, much less so. I maintained a steady slow pace (7:43 min/mile) throughout the ten miles, yet the hills in the north end of the park still left me severely tachycardic and out of breath by the end. After running on fumes to the finish, I was totally exhausted, yet satisfied and relieved that I had completed the distance...only to realize that I’m scheduled to run this same distance plus six more miles next weekend!

Afterwards, as I gingerly limped home on my jello legs, I heard a street performer play “New York, New York” off key on his saxaphone across the street. I crossed over, dropped a single into his money can, and thanked him and the park for welcoming me back to the city.

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AndyTheRunner said...

Hey AndyTheRunner here saw your comment on my blog and came to check yours out. Thats funny we both went out of town to the beach the same weekend. Sometimes training has to take a back seat doesn't it. I'm sure you'll get that BQ this year. 20 seconds is just skipping 1 cup of water along the way. Or maybe drinking 1 more cup of water along the way. Who knows. Good luck

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