Friday, November 2, 2007

A Short Thank You

Thanks to all my readers for all the kind words and support the last few weeks. The Laminator’s not worthy, but definitely appreciative, of your kindness. Let's hope I can put all your positive energy to good use on race day. Meanwhile, here’s one final inspirational running video composed of highlights from a past NYCM. Enjoy!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

G O L A M I N A T O R !!!

OCHalf07 said...

Best of luck tomorrow! Take care of yourself out there (today was a reminder that our sport is more dangerous than we like to think) and remember that it's the journey, not the destination (or the finish time!) that truly matters. You've been so generous to share the wisdom of your training season with those of us who "know" you through your blog, and whether you PR or not, its been an awesome ride. Now, just do it!

Jamie said...

Tomorrow is your big payoff for all the training you have done. Be sure to enjoy yourself out there. Good luck!!!

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