Monday, September 8, 2008

Marathon Training Update - Week 1

Now that I’ve started getting serious about marathon training again, I’ve suddenly become less serious in keeping this blog and my surplus of fans updated on my progress. Now, instead of throwing out the usual lame excuses about too much work, too much running, and too much sports this weekend (i.e. Mets-Phils, U.S. Open, NFL Kickoff Weekend…jeez, so much intrigue, so little time), I’m just going to announce that I’m posting weekly updates on my training, right up until race day. I figure this will be a good way to keep myself accountable (yes, you have my permission to mock me unmercifully if I don’t keep up with the schedule…) as well as keep my people informed of my progress. Feel free to motivate, comment, or ridicule at your leisure. Hopefully, it’ll be a win-win situation for everyone involved. We’ll see what happens.

Week #1 (9/1-9/7)

What I Planned:
Tempo Run: 7 miles with 5 miles at 6:35 min/mi pace
Hill workout: 6 miles with repeated loops at Harlem Hill
Double weekend run #1: 8 miles at long run pace
Double weekend run #2: 12 miles at long run pace
Total week 1 distance: 33 miles

What I Ran:
Tempo Run: 8.3 total miles with 5.2 miles at 6:30 min/mi pace
Hill Workout: 7.0 total miles at 6:53 min/mi pace over Harlem Hill
Double weekend run #1: 7.2 miles at 8:43 min/mi pace
Double weekend run #2: 12.9 miles at 8:15 min/mi pace
Total week 1 distance: 35.4 miles; avg pace – 7:47 min/mi

How I Ran:
Started week 1 with basic set of runs at low total mileage. Started off too fast on my tempo run and faded somewhat at the end (first mile – 6:19; last mile – 6:40…yikes!). Hill workout was my first attempt at hill training and also had trouble sustaining an early fast first loop effort into the second loop and third loop. Weekend runs were kept slow and easy because I was running with friends. Overall, this was a good steady effort week for me. On to week #2.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

He called us "my people" hee hee.

Good job on the first week.

joyRuN said...

Man oh man. I just got completely exhausted reading that! "Double weekend run"?

I'll think of you next time I want to wimp out on a run (which'll be soon).

The Happy Runner said...

Nice week, v. impressive!

*aron* said...

awesome job on week one!! keep it up :)

runner26 said...

what is "double weekend?" Does that mean you ran twice in one day? Or just back to back weekend days?

Looks good to me!

TwoDogs said...

Your running this week is impressive. Good luck on your race

bill carter said...

Hi Lam

Glad to hear all is well. I'm looking forward to seeing how this next round of runs go for you. My
God, you have gotten really fast.. fast.

Best of luck.

Debbie said...

Nice week One!!

Run For Life said...

Can we trade legs?

The Laminator said...

Thanks everyone for all your kind words. I'll need them as the runs get longer and the weeks get tougher.

sRod said...

Great first week. How do you do extra mileage during your training runs? That has never crossed my mind.

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