Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Show Goes On:
Pace Leading for a Long Training Run

Thanks everyone for voicing your opinions on my latest dilemma. After mulling it over on a memorable 9.11 mile run this morning and pondering the alternatives in between patients at the clinic this afternoon, I’ve come to a simple resolution:

The Show Must Go On.

Yeap, that’s right! This running life of mine is way too short and this commentary/diary I keep way too precious to me to let the fears of what might happen prevent me from sharing my passion for both doctoring and running with the masses. Although I realize that I must, from now on, be a bit more discreet about divulging political affairs in the workplace, I still think it is not only worthwhile but important to me to use my clinical knowledge and experience to help improve the running experience (and by extension the health) of those around me, even if only in a virtual sense. As long as I don’t include any identifying information in the discussion of patients or talk about the hospital or those with whom I work with in a damaging or derogatory sort of way (which I’ve never been known to do anyways) I should be okay.

Whew, now that’s over, I can get back to the regularly scheduled running-related programming…

Was it a positive or negative experience? Any tips you’d like to share with a newbie? I’ve signed up to be pace leader for the 7:30 pace group at this weekend’s NYRR Long Training Run #2 and truth be told, I’m kind of nervous about it. I know it’s only 20 miles, incorporating 4 loops of Central Park, which is home turf for me basically, and it promises to be social, fun and relaxing (It better be, I’m giving up a chance to re-run my Best Race Ever from a year ago to participate in this thing!) I’m just worried that I’ll have trouble containing all the runners in my group from pulling the pace. I’m also concerned about the stopping and restarting at the end of every loop. I’m not one to usually stop in the middle of my long runs so it’s going to be interesting to see how my body will react to all of that. I suspect I’ll just have to trust Rover my Garmin, to keep me on pace for the entirety of the 20 mile run.

Since it’s my first time, all of it will be intriguing and brand new to me. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope I do a good job on Saturday. If you’re in town and around, drop by and say hi. I’ll be the pace leader with a bandana looking as if he doesn’t quite belong at the front of the pack. Yep, that’ll be me!


J said...

Being a pacer is always scary but once you get into it you will be great!

nyflygirl said...

just relax!! you'll do fine, and i'm sure you will have fun as well :) see you there!!

*aron* said...

yay i like your decision! i dont think you brought too much work stuff into this blog anyways.

good luck this weekend!! you will do awesome being a pacer!

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