Monday, September 29, 2008

Marathon Training Update - Week 4

Maybe it’s the lower mileage; maybe it’s the extra time I spend each day contorting myself into a pretzel in order to stretch out all the troublesome muscles and tendons. Whatever it is, the ITB/Achilles combo hasn’t been bothering me as much this week. At a time when fellow marathon hopefuls are dropping out like flies all around me because of injuries, I’m grateful for the reprieve that I’ve received.

Week #4 (9/22-9/28)

What I Planned:
Easy Run: 6 miles at easy pace
Tempo Run: 9 total miles with 7 miles at 6:39 min/mi pace
Recovery Run: 7 miles at recovery pace
Long Distance Race: Newport Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
Total week 4 distance: 35 miles

What I Ran:
Easy Run: 6.1 miles at 7:25 min/mi pace
Tempo Run: 9.1 total miles with 7.1 miles at 6:33 min/mi pace
Recovery Run: 7.8 miles at 7:30 min/mi pace
Long Distance Race: 13.1 miles at 6:43 min/mi pace
Total week 4 distance: 36.1 miles; avg pace – 7:02 min/mi

How I Ran:
I really tried to keep my easy/recovery runs nice and slow this week as I’ve noticed that in the recent months I’ve been running them more in a general aerobic pace than in recovery pace. So I use the “leaving the watch at home” trick to get my body to just relax and rediscover the simple joy of running again, which had gotten lost through all the training and racing this summer. It really worked well, or so my ankles and knees tell me. The tempo run also turned out surprisingly well, as I was able to keep a steady tempo pace for 6 of the 7 miles (only slipping a bit on the last hill). I’m very impressed that I was able to beat my goal by 6 secs/mile! Everything translated to a rather strong showing at the half marathon, which make no mistake, I’m very happy about. Yes, I could’ve PR’d if there was no rain and the road was in better condition and I didn’t have wet shoes and socks to contend with, and yada, yada, yada…but considering that I was still limping and running awkwardly just ten days ago, I really cannot complain.
Next two weeks will bring the toughest test yet as I’m supposed to run a 46 mile week followed by a 48 mile week. Yeesh, I’m feeling sheepish just thinking about it. Wish me luck!


Julianne said...

Wow, you're following your plan to a T! I am impressed! Good luck with your next week's run. Although, I have a feeling you're going to nail it again. And great to hear that your ITB & Achilles are not bothering you this week!

Laura said...

Good luck with the long distance week! And when is your announcement going to be? :)

runner26 said...

Everything sounds great! Glad to hear you're keeping up with the training despite the nagging injury (sorta how I feel..) And I doubt you'd want to listen to me spout off about the Cubs... consider yourself lukcy to have been doing a half in another state ;)

*aron* said...

good luck next week and great job on this last week! glad you are feeling better :)

Frayed Laces said...

When I grow up, I wanna be like Lam! Your easy paces are faster than my tempos!

Jamie said...

Nice job following the plan and best of luck with the upcoming long distance weeks! I'm sure you will do excellent as always.

Steve Stenzel said...

Great to hear the ITB/Achilles combo is doing OK!! I thought I was the only one with both of those issues!!

Anonymous said...

Way to stick and hit the plan. I love your comment,"So I use the “leaving the watch at home” trick to get my body to just relax and rediscover the simple joy of running again, which had gotten lost through all the training and racing this summer." It is so true.

You have a tough 2 weeks ahead, but you'll get through them, I have no doubt.

Girl on Top said...

Do you get tired at 7:30 pace? On my harder runs, I am at 8:30 pace and I mean, that is hard for me. I'm breathing hard. And I can't go for that long, maybe a 10K though I have never tried that pace. But I can run 8:30 for a 5K.

So how do you it?

Frayed Laces said...

Yeah hi! It's thursday. Last post was monday. If I have time to post daily, you do too. Get on that shiz.

Nitmos said...

That's a lot of miles. Rock on!

nyflygirl said...

ha, i'm with ya....43 miles for me this week, 46 next week!! let's wish each other luck :)...the taper is so close!!

also-I know quite a few of our teammates disagree...but keeping easy runs easy is honestly one of the best pieces of advice i have received. im convinced that is part of the reason why i have been racing better this year-since i can save my energy for the efforts that count (races, speedwork/tempo, MP runs)

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