Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Quick Sick Weekend Review

A quickie weekend review from me bullet-style, since I’m still a bit sick and not able to form coherent thoughts…

  • Woke up with fever and headache
  • Took some meds (didn’t help)
  • Watched some good track and field on TV (how about that Ritz?!)
  • Thought about running, but decided against it
  • Felt guilty about falling behind on marathon training
  • Had hot and cold spells throughout the day
  • Didn’t have much of an appetite so ate minimally
  • Drank a few liters of water, enough to pee water
  • Answered RBF e-mails about with injuries and marathon plans
  • Made minor adjustments to my own marathon training “grid”
  • Slept off and on, getting up mostly to pee.

  • Got up late (9-ish)
  • Saw the sun but felt cold
  • Ate small breakfast (wasn’t hungry)
  • Tricked myself into believing I’m significantly better
  • Got dressed in running shorts, sleeveless tank, and bandana
  • Poured Gatorade into handheld and stuffed a GU into pants pocket
  • Reattempt missed 16 miler from yesterday
  • Ran slow and easy and comfortable for first half
  • Died a slow death in the second half (especially last 2.5 miles)
  • Finished 16 a few blocks away and had to sit to prevent passing out
  • Saw some white powder on upper arms and took a lick, tasted salty
  • Was puzzled by why I felt so exhausted until I got home and changed
  • GU was still there in my left pants pocket.
  • Laughed with some friends online at my own stupidity. Haha!

The Aftermath? Here’s the updated grid.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. Way to push through 16. Rest up.

Running and living said...

Wow. You were sick and still ran 46 miles? And that 16.2 miler was at lactate threshold (or I misread the grid)? Sorry, no sympathy for you any more:)

Morgan said...

Lam you are a machine! For real! You need to give yourself a break and feel better so you don't make rookie mistakes like that!!!

The Laminator said...

Hey RAL, that would be L for long run pace (7:41) not lactate threshold which would be (6:20) for me because that would be over-the-top crazy, even for me!

Carry on...

B.o.B. said...

Ouch. That run does not sound fun. Hope you are back to your speedy running shape soon.

Thanks for the healing thoughts, right back at ya!

Susan said...

Yikes...hope you're feeling better!

X-Country2 said...

Keep taking care of yourself! Runs like that aren't very much fun, but they make you tougher. (Not that you need it.)

NY Wolve said...

Wow, that is dedication. I always get salt bumps on my face and arms whenI go long. Are they good or bad? Evidence of good or bad hydration?

But 16 miles while recovering that is tough...

Anonymous said...

That's great you still pushed through despite being sick! Keep resting and taking care of yourself-- sick runs are terrible!

The Happy Runner said...

Nuts! I'm glad you were able to have a little laugh at the gu thing.

There is no way I'd be able to power through 16 miles feeling the way it sounds like you felt. That's dedication. I hope that your run helped you to feel better today! I love the way a good run can "burn off" a sickness (sometimes...).

Spike said...

hope you feel better soon. sometimes after a slow death run, I feel like my skin is a salt that normal? keep up the great training.

Chic Runner said...

Way to go lam on that 16 miler even after being under the weather. I would have thrown in the towel for sure. :)

joyRuN said...

You are STUBBORN and LUCKY that you were able to finish that 16-miler w/o major mishaps!

Get some REST, Lam.

Nurse's orders ;)

J said...

You are funny! Get some rest and feel better soon!! Sometimes I get really disoriented and forget things when I am sick! Not always fun.

Teamarcia said...

EEK! Sounds like a tough weekend. Rest up and feel better soon!

runner26 said...

oh no, lam!! you didn't!! sixteen miles while sick?? at least the weather was nice ;) feel better!

Meg Runs said...

Ugh! Still sick? Can't believe you did 16 miles...good job. I've run while sick...plenty of times...NOT fun.

Jamie said...

you are one stubborn guy. way to make it through the 16 miles. I hope you are feeling better!

bill carter said...


Sorry about the current malady. I know all too well what it is like to be sick and feel like you are missing out on training and go out there and just struggle. But I have been watching your training and wow are you getting fast. I think you have such great potential at any distance from a
5k all the way to the marathon. That speed you have will translate all the way to 26.2 and I honestly think you could go sub 2:50. I am still looking for that sub 2:55 and have pretty much given up sub 2:50 as a goal.

Take care and get healthy. It might even give your body a much needed break.

aron said...

gah it sucks being sick and having to give in to it :( at least you got some miles in! i just stayed in bed :-/ hope you are feeling better now!!!

lindsay said...

dude nice job pounding out the 16 while feeling so crappy! don't be too hard on yourself - we do have 9 weeks you know... like you so kindly reminded me... :) give your body a chance to rest and recover, a few missed runs won't ruin you. feel better!

Drusy said...

Wow, if I as sick, there's no way I'd make a long run! I'm impressed, but concerned too. Shouldn't you give your body a break? Good luck!

Irish Cream said...

Glad you got through the 16 miles, but DUDE! BE CAREFUL running while sick! If you are about to pass out at the end, you probably shouldn't have been running in the first place. Sorry, but I get really worked up about this stuff since I basically ruined my Seattle RNR training by running the Long Branch Half with a chest cold, which lasted 10 times as long as it would have had I just skipped the race and rested! I spent the remainder of the training cycle playing catch-up--which, trust me, is not the biggest confidence booster going into a marathon! Lindsay is right; there's a long way to go until race day and one missed run wouldn't have killed you. It's just NOT worth it to mess around like that, especially when there's a fever involved. I hope you feel better soon, and that you haven't aggravated your condition with the 16-miler! Sometimes I think you are too tough for your own good, buddy :)

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