Friday, August 29, 2008

Going Metro

Long before I was a blogger, before I was a runner even, I used to what they call a metrosexual. I used to buy GQ and Details on a regular basis, owned a bunch of chique and expensive clothes that I only wore once, worked out at the gym until they close every night, and even had aspirations of starting a fashion magazine with an Asian American theme. I remember one winter, my brother and I developed an exercise plan that we affectionately called “Buff by Summer” that would change our physical bodies forever. I don’t think we ever made our goal (even if we really didn’t really have one to begin with); I just remember that was the year I came closest to my dream weight of 150 lbs. Nowadays, just five years removed from that period of my life when looking vain for some reason meant something, I rotate the same seven sets of clothes I used for all social events, no longer go to the gym unless I absolutely have to, have difficulty pushing the scale past 135 and can’t find a clothing store that caters to my ever thinning waist. If running hasn’t reaped such rewarding benefits, I’d considered my fall from fashion and grace somewhat sad.

So, why am I telling you all this? It’s because I received a FedEx package from these guys today. A couple of weeks ago, one of their representatives contacted me and wanted me to review their product. Apparently, they consider my blog to be quite influential in the running community…which is funny, because I always thought my family and my ten friends are the only ones who reads this mumbo jumbo. But now that the cat is out of the bag, if any other companies, especially running shoe companies…are you listening Nike, New Balance, Asics, Mizunos, Brooks…wants to send me their products to review, please have your people contact my people (or just me), and I’ll be more than willing to offer my services. Shameless plug over.

Anyway, in all seriousness, this MISSION Product company is pretty neat because it was founded when Charlie Engle, an ultra-endurance athlete ran 4,300 miles across the Sahara in 111 consecutive days and realized that there wasn’t a line of skincare for athletes. He partnered with MISSION Product to create high performance skincare that is tailored for endurance athletes and Voi-la, this new line of skincare products was born. Apparently, their product has been endorsed by many top-level athletes including five Beijing Olympians, so I’m pretty psyched that they chose me to review their product.

Although it’s a stretch to consider the 40-50 miles I put on the road each week “endurance training”, I’m up for the challenge of taking these products out for a spin and reporting my findings. There are five gels and creams in the bundle kit they sent me, including Lip Protector, Daily Offense, Anti-Friction Cream, Foot Synergy Gel, and Revive Gel, so I plan to test each product individually for two weeks and note any changes that take place during that time period. I figure even if I won’t look all buff and metrosexual after my ten week trial, at least my skin will feel really really good…just in time for the New York City Marathon too.

I’m excited. Wish me luck!


Irish Cream said...

Oh. My. Gawd. Lam, I can't believe I never ever knew you had a bit of metro in you!! Wow, I am so glad you wrote this post--I love it!

P.S. I think your blog is influential in the running community too, just FYI :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh Lam. 135 and a thinning waist? It's official. Not only can I not marry you (i'd crush you) I don't think I can even run next to you. I'm so sad. :(

Metro you from 5 years ago sounds exactly like my friend who's been living in NYC for a few months and tells us about his awesome $400 shirts. Funny. I totally got a new side of you today. :D

sRod said...

Wow--yet another side of the Laminator that I had no idea about!

Laura said...

Hey Lam - I used to take a calcium supplement every day (I think it's 50% of the RDA), and then I ran out and didn't refill. The one I got yesterday has 50% RDA calcium and also added Vitamin D and Vitamin K. I'm thinking that's probably safe to take? Though I am going to check with a nutritionist as well to see about any (other) deficiencies.

The nice thing is, I have complete daily food logs going back about a year now with absolutely no gaps - my nutritionist is going to love me :)

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