Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Perspectives on Olympic Track

After experiencing the swimming events, aka The Michael Phelps Show, all last week and putting forth my best Olympic-esque effort in the Team Championships Race earlier in the day, I was salivating with anticipation for all the weekend’s track events.

It all started okay with Shalane winning the bronze in the women’s 10K. But after watching Deena pull out of the women’s marathon after the first 5 miles on Saturday night, Tyson Gay not even qualifying for the 100m finals, Bernard Lagat missing out on the 1500m finals, and Rupp and Abdirahman finishing 13th and 15th respectively in the men’s 10K, I’m feeling as if I’m watching the Track version of the 2007 NY Mets (who had a momental collapse last season for those who don’t know…yeah, it pains me still to write about it) all over again. It has left me scratching my head, wondering what’s happened to the U.S.A. track team? Are these the same guys and gals who we watched in awe as they dominated the competition in the Olympic Trials a few months back? Where’s the fire, the fight, the ferocity now?

Never mind that the men’s and women’s hurdlers have dominated the medal stands in their respective sports and Walter Dix had a coming out party after capturing a medal in the 100m final that he probably wasn’t supposed to, I am disappointed that our A-list track stars have not performed anywhere near what we expected them to in Beijing.

There’s still some hope left, as Sanya Richards prepares for the women’s 400m final having qualified with the best time during the semi’s. The women still have the 200m race, the 800 race, women’s 1500m and the women’s 5000m yet to be completed. As for our male track athletes, the significant events that are yet to be decided are the 400m, 800m, and the marathon on Sunday. I am nervous but excited about marathon Sunday for the men prior to the closing of the games. I believe Ryan Hall will make a strong showing if the weather holds up and he runs his race.

C’mon U.S.A., let’s run hard and smart and bring home some medals, preferably the gold ones please. I want, no need, to be inspired by these track athletes to perform my best when I’m out running and it’s kind of hard to inspire people when you’ve got injuries and memories, but no medals around your neck

So Go Team U.S.A.


Private said...

If you think the US are having it bad on the track you should see Ireland!!

I'm looking forward to Sunday's marathon and all. They'll hardly be as lucky with the weather as the women's race. If it goes out at a similar slow pace as though, with no one wanting to play pace maker to anyone else, then the time could be around 2:10-2:11. Then it'll be anyone's race. Can't wait!

J said...

Did you see the women's 100m Hurdles last night - The top three women were from the USA! I think they have a good chance in the finals! Theres still time for the team to impress us.

Nitmos said...

Yes, it's been a bit rough so far. More to come though.

The Happy Runner said...

It has been a bit tough. Those Jamaicans, though. Man, oh, man. They can run.

I'm with you on Ryan Hall -- I think he'll perform well. From all accounts he's ready and has the right attitude to get on the podium. I would love to see a medal in the men's marathon!

Betsy said...

I'm doing my best to be inspired by athletes from other countries. Constantina's performance in the marathon was awesome.

*aron* said...

Go USA! The women's marathon was pretty awesome though, even if it wasnt US that won.

LOVED the 400m mens hurtles when they took 1, 2 and 3 - that was pretty awesome!

bill carter said...

Hi Lam

Just getting caught up with you and my God have you gotten fast!

Congrats on that great time in San Francisco. I have heard that it is a very tough course and 3:09 is amazing. Excellent 5 mile as well. I don't know how you are able to combine the endurance of the marathon with being so fast..

I also have been a little disappointed with our track performances, but hopefully Ryan will be our savior. IMHO, there are medals and than there are marathon medals.

Best of luck with your training and again I am amazed by your energy and accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

hi! i was directed to you by laura at absolut(ly) fit. i have a question about a pain i've been having ever since i started running outside (as opposed to on a treadmill). it's a pain in my shins, but it's not shin splints, because those are in your muscles. i actually feel like my tibias hurt, not the muscles in my legs. Could it be the way i walk? and if it is, how do i fix that? i mean, it's just the way i walk! any ideas?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I was so bummed for Lolo. She's been through so much and she had it in her grasp.

sRod said...

So I read your post tonight, just after the double collapse during the 4 x 100m relay. Man, these games post-Phelps are difficult to watch. My hopes are riding on Hall.

Jeff Tse said...

Great article, we'll cross our fingers for tonight.

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