Monday, January 26, 2009

Boston Marathon Training Update - Week 4

In my exhilaration over my cold weather racing PR yesterday, I neglected to share with you all my weekly training update. I apologize. I know how you all were holding your breath in anxious anticipation, not wanting to say anything. So on the day that the Boston Marathon officially sold out (about a month ahead of last year’s schedule), here’s how training went for me thus far.

Week #3 (1/12-1/18)

What I Planned:

Tempo Run: 6 total miles with 4 miles at 6:31 pace
General Aerobic Run: 8 miles at 7:15 pace
Recovery Run: 6 miles at easy pace
Manhattan Half Marathon: 13.1 miles at race pace
Total week 4 distance: 33 miles

What I Ran:

Tempo Treadmill Run: 6.0 total miles with 4.0 miles at 6:20 pace
General Aerobic Treadmill Run: 8.16 miles at 7:10 pace
Recovery Run: 6.1 miles at 6:59 pace
Manhattan Half Marathon: 13.1 miles at 6:48 pace
Total week 4 distance: 33.6 miles; avg pace – 6:54 min/mi

How I Ran:

Most of my runs this week were straight forward and to the point in preparation for the weekend half marathon. I ended with two treadmill runs and two outside runs. Pacing though still remains faster than I’d imagined. All my miles this week came in at under 7:00 min/miles excluding some short warmup tempo miles and the midweek long-ish run. It’ll be interesting to see whether this pattern holds up or if I’d break down first. Training will get tougher with more miles at increasing speeds in the upcoming weeks. All I got to say for myself is. Bring. It. On.!


Julianne said...

You're getting me all pumped up for Boston!! And I'm not even running it. But it's exciting to follow someone who is! Wow, I just realized I don't think I know who runs sub 7 min miles!

Cowboy Hazel said...

I've noticed in your weekly updates that you're running 4 days a week. Did you do that for your marathons last year too? I'm currently doing 5 but had bumped that to 6 when I was training. I've been trying to figure out how many rest weekly rest days to have this time around, though, and haven't been able to make up my mind. What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Looking good. Great race report, as always.

I am so excited to see how everything goes in Boston.

nwgdc said...

My sentiments exactly...Bring it on!

If you're feeling great at a faster pace...stick with it!

KimsRunning said...

You are SO building muscle memory!! With those pace times and the thrill of the race you will be a BLURRRRRR!

I did not know Boston could sell out. My coach is running a marathon in 2 weeks with the goal of BQing. Oh man, this is heart wrenching. I think a qualifying time is good for 2 years though, do you know??

Run Mommy said...

Wow you are fast. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

aron said...

awesome job on the week!!! this is sooo exciting :) i love following you on the way to boston!

Chic Runner said...

Great job this week on those hardcore runs! You are so speedy! I'm so excited to see how everything goes for you in Boston, you're going to kill it!

wmd said...

That is right man! Bring it on!

X-Country2 said...

I can't believe Boston is getting so close. I'm pretty excited to be blogging along with it instead of reading archives about it 6 months after it happened.

The Happy Runner said...

Bring it on, indeed! You're so fast. I'm always amazed when I read your paces.

bill carter said...


Look at you getting all fast! I have a feeling that you are going to absolutely tear up that little course from Hopkinton to Boston. I am so excited for you and FL because you are in for the running experience of your life. I know NY was great, but Boston is well... Boston.

Glad all is well and good luck with the training.

Meg said...

I love that attitude!

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