Monday, November 16, 2009

A Streak Is Broken, A Sub-3 Not To Be
Race Report from the 2009 New York City Marathon
Part V – The Different Phases of Lam in NYCM (in Photos)

Congrats and thanks everyone for getting through another one of my extremely long marathon race report! Although it was the toughest race recap I’ve ever had to write, knowing I have the encouragement and support of so many real, virtual, and bloggy friends definitely helped to make the job a little easier. As a reward for putting up with me (and as a final bookend to my race report), I’m going to present a little photographic montage of my running of the 2009 NYC Marathon for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

The Different Phases of Lam in The 2009 NYCM

The Chaos Begins Outside Fort Wadsworth

The Before Lam

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

The View from the Verazzano

The Lam at Mile 10 or
The Lam after a GU?

Why Is Lam so Happy Here?

‘Cause these Flyer gals (nyflygirl & runner26) are
cheering and handing out PowerGels
at Mile 18! Thanks Ladies!

Lam Not Looking So Good Now

Lam in Central Park

Lam winning the race…at 40K?

Lam Fighting For The Finish

The After Lam with Medal and Friends


Stacy said...

hahahahaha lovin' the picture of you cheesin' in between those two guys in which one of them looks like they are in alot of pain. You look like you are super imposed in that picture! Anyways, great photo recap, too!

Sun Runner said...

Ah, those pictures bring back memories... :) I got my photo CD from the race yesterday, and it was so cool to see aerial shots of the starting area and bridges. I could definitely see a difference between the picture taken at the 10K mark and the one from 40K. Uh, yeah...Not so happy at the 40K mark.

Congratulations again on your race!

Morgan said...

Awww love the photo montage! It's always fun to see pics of our favorite bloggers. Congrats again on another NYCM finish!

Sun Runner said...

P.S. Here's early race happy. And then not so happy.

Still, it was the most fun I've ever had in any road race, ever.

joyRuN said...

Awesome pics, Lam!

NY Wolve said...

Great pictures -- even when you felt bad, you didn't look bad.
One thing about tunning as fast as you do -- not many other runners are around you. My race pics have me as a face in crowd, almost always running next to, in front of or behind someone. I guess to take better pictures, I'll just run faster!

Susan said...

Lots of great running pictures! I'd call it a success in that department. Love when pictures make it look like you're winning. :)

Anonymous said...

i love pictures!! thanks for sharing 'em :)

Spike said...

great picts, but I looked and looked and couldn't find you on the Verazzano!

aron said...

i always love the progression of pics along a marathon course :)

Anonymous said...

all things considered, those are great photos! congrats again on another NYC marathon in the books.

I think next year you should run CIM-- it's such a fast course, you'd PR for sure.

Jamie said...

Love the pics!

Irish Cream said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos, Lam! I think you look good and strong in ALL of them--even the ones where you are struggling. Let's just say that you are far more race photogenic than I am!

Congrats again, buddy . . . you rock! :)

J said...

Nice race photos Lam! You look so good!

Saima said...

love the one in which you have this humongous smile upon seeing your friends!! :D

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

lindsay said...

loved the pics (and captions) :)

nyc pretty much merits a lengthy race recap... i certainly couldn't hold back myself. hope you are doing well!

runner26 said...

nice slideshow!! you look so strong in all those pics!!

Robert said...

Cool pics. Good to see that you were still smiling after the race, keeping it all in perspective. Boston will be here soon and you'll get another stab at the sub-3 then.

sRod said...

See? You looked great the whole time!

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